Room: Garden Pavilion

Cambridge Display Technology Ltd.
1.         Novel Optical LFD Reader - Pushing the Limits of Quantitative Readout; Presented by Richard W.
CFD Research Corporation
2.         Wearable Sensors, Mobile/Cloud App and Health Avatar for Personalized Military and Civilian Health Approbations; Presented by Andrzej P.
Dong-A University
3.         Challenges in Using Sensor Networks for Real-Time Particle Monitoring at Construction Sites; Presented by Jae-ho C.
Dyconex AG
4.         Paper-Thin Implanted Bio-Electronic Devices Using Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP); Presented by Eckardt B.
Inha University
5.         Formaldehyde Detection of In2O3-rGO Nanocomposites Based Gas Sensor at Room Temperature; Presented by Jounghwan C.
Inha University
6.         Formaldehyde Gas Detection of a Nickel@Graphene Composite with Iron Oxide Hollow Nano Cube at Room Temperature; Presented by Yongha K.
Inha University
7.         PEI/GO Composite for Chemiresistive Type Formaldehyde Gas Sensor; Presented by Da Hyeon S.
Kyungpook National University
8.         3D CMOS Image Sensor Using Pixel-Aperture Technique for Biomedical Applications; Presented by Jang-Kyoo S.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
9.         Application of PEG-Silanes to Thermoplastic Surfaces: Toward Inexpensive Materials for Biological Assays; Presented by Aaron A.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
10.       Automation of Sample Processing for Point-of-Care Diagnostics Using Microfluidics-Based Technologies; Presented by Kiersten L.
Praxair, Inc.
11.       MyEats - A Food Consumption Logger; Presented by Sai Y.
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.
12.       High Sensitivity Smell Sensor Using Multiple Transducers Technologies; Presented by Yosuke O.
Thomas Jefferson University
13.       Continuous Monitoring and Analysis of an Ambulatory Patient's Vital Signs with Real-Time Alerts and Alarms Using Wearable and Implantable Sensors; Presented by Jeffrey J.
Tohoku University
14.       Prototyping of Tablet-Shaped Ingestible Core-Body Thermometer with Gastric Acid Battery; Presented by Shinya Y.
U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command
15.       Development of Rapid and Automated Biological Sample Preparation and Detection for the BioACER Device; Presented by Tara H.